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Mr. Hankey's Toys and Their Monster

With Halloween being tomorrow, Mr. Hankey's Toys is ready with their new Monster dildo. The Monster dildo is actually molded from the penis of a model that is known as The Jackpot. The details that went into this toy are so life-like. The veins are placed in the perfect location and are just the right size. This along with the uncircumcised head will surely bring you many hours of pleasure.

If you are a beginner or just like smaller toys, the Monster dildo comes in a medium the smallest size currently available. With an insertable length of 7" and a circumference that reaches its peak at the base of 7.75". The Monster dildo is also available in LG/XL, XXL, and 4XL. The 4XL is the largest size currently available and has an insertable length of 13" and a circumference at the base of 15"

mr hankeys toys the monster dildo 4 sizes

There are many customization options available, such as firmness, color, color effect, and attachment hole. There are four options for firmness: 40% soft, 70% soft, med firm, and extra firm. There are a whopping 24 color options. Currently, there is only one color effect option available and that is metallic. The attachment hole option is for if you wave a vac-u-hole attachment.

When ordering insertable toys, make sure your eyes are not bigger than your hole. By that I mean make sure the size is something you can handle and enjoy. Mr Hankey's Toys does not do returns unless the product is defective. It would be a shame to have a toy that you could not enjoy. Play safe and know what you are getting into beforehand. And as always, don't forget to stay hydrated!

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