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Tantus Dildos and Butt Plugs

When it comes to anal play selecting the right Tantus Dildo or Butt Plug is fairly easy, and they have sizes for everyone. What were excited about is that just a few weeks ago they launched their new XL Collection. Not only are they much larger, but they are also firm. We have selected a few to showcase on our site, but when you want to see what all Tantus has to offer you simply click on any of the Tantus Banners to be taken to their full store.  See Tantus customer reviews

flurry o2.jpg
Adam Super Soft Dildo By Tantus Toys.jpg
Fist Trainer Butt Plug By Tantus Inc.jpg
Echo Super Soft Vibrator.jpg
Mark o2 By Tantus Inc Dildos.jpg
Cush o2 Dildo By Tantus Inc.jpg
New Tantus XL Firm Collection.jpg

Check out more information about Tantus by visiting our Tantus Faq page

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