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A Small Peek into Sex and Mental Health

When people think about sex, some do not think about how it can affect their mental health. Yeah, who would have thought?  Here are some things I found in doing some research.

Sex can decrease stress by releasing endorphins and oxytocin in the body. There have even been studies that show that having sex regularly can lead to lower blood pressure. With work and life schedules this can be hard to accomplish with me and my sir.  

sex on the brain

Having sex boosts your self-esteem and has been known to make people more confident.  There is a basic desire to be wanted by another person or desired in some way.  Now this desire does not happen in everyone because not everyone feels that need or desire to be with another person on that level.  Sex is just one way to fulfill that need or desire.  There are other ways to fulfill it, just depends on the person.

There are various ways sex can impact your mental health. There are many positive and negative ways sex can impact your mental health.  While we all wish for nothing but positive, we cannot always control what happens.  If sex harms your mental health, then it might be time to reevaluate things and take some time to heal from that not-so-good impact on your mental health.  

Sex and mental health is such a broad topic that it cannot be covered in one short blog.  Be sure to come back and find out more about how sex can impact your mental health as I continue this discussion in the future.

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