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Shockspot Sex Machines

Shockspot sex machines are the world's finest when it comes to fuck machines. When you want high quality, and craftsmen ship that is superior Shockspot is the way to go. Did you also know that Shockspot machines are portable and easy to pack up and take on vacation with you? They are, make sure you take a look at the Faq's for Shockspot. 

When you want to get railed at a pace and force that you want you can now do that with these amazing sex machines. Shockspot sex machines can also be anal machines for both men and woman. There are various ways you can position your fuck machine as well so you can enjoy penetration from various angles. 

shockspot machine with brunette and black haired females
shockspot brunette stradling machine
shockspot brunette operating machine

Shockspot Machines 

Shockspot makes 3 different sex machines that are able to be controlled from thousands of miles away with an computer and internet connection. Enjoy the pleasure of these fuck machines alone with or with the help of others via the world wide web. This is the ultimate experience when it comes to teledildonics. 

Click the Shockspot sex machine below to see all 3 machines and their descriptions. 

Shockspot 8 inch sex machine

Shockspot Sex Machines Faq's

What kind of Machine is the ShockSpot? 

The ShockSpot is a cutting edge, automated, delight framework. The framework is an "In-Out" machine just as a "Vibrating" machine that is totally programmable through the ShockSpot Contact and Feel programming. Any ideal situation from lying, stooping, sitting to standing is obliged by the ShockSpot. The instinctive, easy to utilize programming and independent distant, great materials joined with a plan that can implode into a little conveying case make the ShockSpot truely extraordinary. 


Is there something else like the ShockSpot available? 


The ShockSpot is the most progressive, mechanical delight framework available today. There could be no other framework accessible that offers the adaptability and control that is offered with the ShockSpot. 

How does the Shockspot power contrast with other screw machines? 

The ShockSpot uses a straight drive system that creates similar push power for all stroke lengths. Note that the Shockspot power is communicated as pushed power, which is the genuine pushed/push power that the Shockspot can create. This ought not be mistaken for force that is indicated by different machines. Force is as often as possible communicated in inch-pounds (in-lbs) or ounce-inches (oz-in), which is how much power the engine can create a good ways off of 1 inch from the focal point of the engine shaft. For instance, an engine that produces 1 inch-pound of force can create 1 pound of power a ways off of 1 inch from the focal point of the engine shaft. So precisely how does the Shockspot's pushed power contrast with turning based machines??? A Shockspot stroking at 12 inches and delivering 17.5 pounds of "push" is identical to a turning based machine with an engine creating 105 inch-pounds of "force". 

How would I control the ShockSpot? 

The ShockSpot is controlled through the ShockSpot Contact and Feel programming. The product is utilized to choose the ideal movement or program for the ShockSpot. The framework can be begun, halted and stopped through the product, or palm button. The new Shockspot independent controller permits the Shockspot to be controlled without a PC. The entirety of the stroke boundaries are handily controlled with the hand-held unit. 

Would i be able to control the stroke length, speed, and perfection of the framework? 

Indeed, the stroke length (profundity), speed and perfection (speed increase) are arranged with sliders on the Touch and Feel programming or the independent controller. The PC programming likewise permits the client to choose preconfigured programs and redo projects to amplify their pleasure. 

What are the pre-arranged projects? 

The ShockSpot joy frameworks accompany pre-designed movement programs that can be chosen and tweaked whenever wanted. The current projects are: "An Outsider around", "Cyclic Waves", "Uncertainty", "Little Man", "Arbitrary Strokes", "Moderate Long and Simple" and "The Development". 

Would i be able to save my projects? 

Indeed, you can save, review, erase and tweak your projects utilizing the ShockSpot Contact and Feel programming. 

What positions can be utilized with the ShockSpot? 

The ShockSpot will oblige any ideal situation from lying, stooping, crouching, sitting to standing. 

Is the ShockSpot solid and inflexible? 

The ShockSpot framework is made with high-grade rounded aluminum segments that make it amazingly solid and inflexible. 


How hefty is the ShockSpot? 

The ShockSpot framework weighs roughly 15 pounds. The high-grade rounded aluminum structure makes the framework light for shipping and situating, yet very unbending, to remain secured in the ideal situation during use. 

How quick can the framework siphon? 

The ShockSpot can cycle many times each moment. 

How little does the ShockSpot breakdown while shipping or putting away? 


The ShockSpot folds into a volume of room that is roughly 6 inches x 6 inches x 19 inches. The imploded unit is sufficiently little to fit in little conveying case and will effectively fit under a bed, in a wardrobe or in the overhead compartment on a plane. 


Could the unit be carried on a plane? 

The ShockSpot folds into a volume of room that is roughly 6 inches x 6 inches x 19 inches. The fell unit is adequately little to fit in little conveying case and will effectively fit in the overhead compartment on a plane. These units have been shipped on planes and we don't know about any clients having issues moving these units as lightweight baggage. We exhort that you contact your carrier to confirm before you travel. 

Is this unit made in the USA? 

Indeed! The ShockSpot is, and consistently will be, made and assembled in the USA.

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