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Tantus Reviews

IWe dont want you to just take our word for it when it comes to Tantus Toys. Check out what customers are posting on the internet about their Tantus toys. Check out Tantus Dildos and their new XL Firm Collection. 

Great toy. As always for Tantus, too notch materials and feel. I find it is great for warming up as well as pegging. Make note of its size. Tantus’s website has accurate dimensions. It may be large for some, but I wish I could get this exact same profile but in a larger girth.

To those mentioning the suction base. It is not, and never advertised (to my knowledge) to have a suction base. It also doesn’t have a vibrator/suction cup hole. It is, however, compatible with a harness. Paulie G 

This toy is exactly what I wanted. It has a thick girth, a squishy soft exterior and a hard interior. It's of excellent quality and when I received it, I easily washed and boiled it to disinfect it. I would recommend this toy for the size queens out there!  MA

Jeeeezzzuss, this product is huge and wonderful. Normal high quality Tantus product. Belongs in every toybox! Definitely fills you up, in a very, very good way.  STEVE

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