male apparel

Men want to look sexy as much as woman when they are getting ready to play. Check out the selection of chaps, underwear and more with the Dungeon. Don’t see what you are looking for make sure to contact us and we will be happy to help you find it. 

latexa total enclosure catsuit for men.j
latex bondage suit.jpg
rubber surf suit.jpg
latex chaps with side stripes.jpg
cellblock 13 spider chest & cross body n
mr s leather neoprene neo bold crossbow
fetish gear colour coded h front harness
addicted fetish long sock - red.jpg
mr b leather jockstrap two bands - blue.
addicted fetish cockring band - red.jpg
pump uppercut jock.jpg
addicted fetish mesh brief - white.jpg
addicted fetish singlet mesh -
mr s leather pit bull chest harness - bl
mr s leather neo bold colour bulldog che
slapshot brief by sport fucker.jpg
sport fucker jock brief.jpg
nasty pig jock.jpg
neoprene tek harness.jpg
leather bulldog harness with color.jpg
front zip latex tank top.jpg
mr s leather classic bar vest -
mr s leather carpenter cargo shorts.jpg
endurance brief by sport fucker.jpg
sport fucker jock strap.jpg
neoskin neoprene harness 3 strap.jpg
neoprene pod suit.jpg
chain half harness.jpg
latex uniform shirt with piping.jpg
mr s leather neo air mesh jock - purple.
fetish gear solid colour leather h front
hooker open brief by sport fucker.jpg
sport fucker trunk.jpg
neoprene heckler harness.jpg
leather half harness.jpg
strong arm leather harness.jpg
rubber mens jeans.jpg
mr s leather neoprene all access play sh
shortstop brief by sport fucker.jpg
sport fucker brief.jpg
neoprene sport jock brief.jpg
neoprene full harness.jpg
jock leather harness.jpg
carpenter harness 2-0.jpg
streamline bulldog harness - yellow.jpg