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Oxy Shop

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Welcome to our Oxy Shop Section.

When it comes to fetish gear Oxy Shop has you covered with a large selection of kink gear from Collars, Cuffs, chastity devices, glans or cock rings, cbt and sensory devices, and so miuch more! We have selected some of the items we thought you would like, but were not limited to just those. Click on the Oxy Shop Banner at the top and visit their whole store why still supporting the Dungeon.

If you are looking for something specific, please send us a message and we will do our best to help you find the right product for you!

snake glans ring.jpg
spiral heaven penis and glans ring.gif
crown glans ring.jpg
15 pc x design glans ring set.jpg
pride glans ring.jpg
satans crown goth glans ring.jpg
24k gold one to rule them all glans ring.jpg
pentagram shibari suspension ring.jpg
edo shibari suspension ring.jpg
spider web shibari suspension ring.jpg
rainbow heart shibari suspension ring.jpg
wooden shibari suspension ring.jpg
heian shibari suspension ring.jpg
taisho shibari suspension ring.jpg
rainbow silk kinbaku rope 8m.jpg
color bamboo silk bondage rope 8m.jpg
shibari bondage rope 5,10m.jpg
ball stretcher beginner set.jpg
tng humbler and ball stretcher.jpg
3 design heavy ball stretcher.jpg
dragon magnetic ball stretcher.jpg
locking spiked cbt device.jpg
ball busting bundle set.jpg
balls to wrist humbler scrotum clamp.jpg
acrylic humbler cbt device.jpg
phantom chastity size bundle.jpg
locked in steel chastity discovery set.jpg
spider web 3d printed chastity cage.jpg
t rex chastity cage.jpg
collab - oxy and josie lynn - micro tube.jpg
plastic pa chastity device.jpg
detachable pa lock.jpg
femlae chastity device with labia and christina piercing lips lock.jpg
hidden peaches chastity bondage bra.jpg
linked design female chastity belt jail bird.jpg
lyra open ass female chastity belt.jpg
bellatrix female chastity belt.jpg
unisex mouth bone ball gag.jpg
shibari bdsm bite gag with rope tie.jpg
double mouth dildo.jpg
fill it up mouth plug with funnel.jpg
nipple stretchers clamps.jpg
crown nipple clamps.jpg
star nipple clamps.jpg
little devil electric shock collar.jpg
breath of death urethral sound.jpg
intergalactic dog dildo.jpg
urethral masturbation maxi bundle.jpg
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