Mr Hankey's Toys 

Mr Hankey's Toys is a world wide manufacture of the largest dildos the world has ever seen. They have Dragon Dildos, Alien Dildos, Porn Star dildos, and a huge selection of various types and styles to suite everyone's needs. Mr Hankeys Toys is located in San Fancisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Palm Springs, San Diego, New York, London, Berlin, Australia and various online outlets such as ours here at the Dungeon. 

Hankeys Toys are made with the finest materials and hand crafted with your measurements that you chose. The molds that are used are created by Mr Hankeys toys. Read more at the bottom of the page to see what makes these toys stand out from the rest. 

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Hankeys Sex Toys are some of the finest toys on the internet today. They also have the goods to back it up. When it comes to the overly large creative selection of extra small or extra large dildos, and butt plugs. See what sets Mr Hankeys toys apart from their competition. 

Finest Quality of Products 

We use the world's best quality 100% platinum silicone resin to handcraft all toys. We are known for using ultra-high performance grade silicones in our products, which have passed ISO 10993-10 standards for irritation and skin sensitivity tests. We attach great importance to toys. All platinum silicone toys are odorless and 100% skin-safe. They will not shrink or melt over time when in contact with other toys. Hankey's toys are designed to bring you lifelong fun!

Hand Crafted For Your Pleasure

Each of our toys is made to order and made according to the size you choose. We use custom molds made in-house, many of which are cast by famous members, and the owners of these owners are good enough for us to mold them! Browse our realistic dildo designs inspired by impressive anatomy today.

Dildos are not all the same when you think about quality and the materials that are used. That's why Mr Hankeys Toys is known for being one of the Worlds Best Dildos today on the market. They put a lot of time and testing in their products to find what their customers are wanting and to make sure that the product they put out will last and give you pleasure as its designed to do. 

There is never one dildo exactly the same as the other because toys are hand made. Made sure that the firmest of the toy is perfect for the customer. Most customers like the dildo to be 75%-85% firm why some might want softer, or even harder. You get to decide as they are always custom made for you when you place your order. 

Double D Dungeon LGBTQ Owned and Operated. 

Phone 563-265-1458


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