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Sexual Wellness - Make Sure To Stay Active

Updated: 5 days ago

Sexual wellness can cover more than just the physical aspect, but also the mental aspect as well. When most people think about sex, you have those who want to do it just to reproduce, but a little-known fact, it can make the body and mind happier when you do have a healthy sex life. There is also the old saying that if you don’t use it, you're going to lose it. This is true for males and their penis’s and ladies and their vagina’s.

sexual wellness make sure to stay active blog post

Various Health Risks Could Be Involved If You Don't Have Sex

People don’t have sex for many reasons, but did you know that if you go long enough without sex certain things can start happening to your body? Things like if you do not have sex with your partner, you can begin to feel less connected to them.

This can start to cause you stress and anxiety, and you stop talking to them. You stop talking to them about your feelings and then become emotionally detached. Your mental health needs to have a healthy sex life, whether you are having it with a partner, or pleasing yourself through masturbation.

Having sex releases hormones that the body and mind need to feel relaxed and stress-free. It helps you manage stress.

People who have sex often have reported better memories as being able to recall events or other areas straight from memory. Sex allows the mind to relax, and those hormones that get released can cause it to also rest and rejuvenate.

Having sex regularly even though frequency is up to each individual there is no set amount of sex for someone to have as it varies from person to person, but it helps strengthen the immune system. It's because it causes immunoglobulin A to be at a higher level and that hormone plays a big role in keeping your immune system fighting off germs, colds, flu, and other illnesses.

A woman who has gone through menopause will want to have sex because if they don’t their vaginal walls can dry up and get thick, and be very uncomfortable for the rest of their life.

Men who do not have sex run the risk of the penis to stop working altogether. They can lose girth, the penis can become spongy, and will not rise to the occasion because it is not performing some of the functions it was meant for.

7 Things Can happen to a penis if a person stops having sex. Here they are. I was very surprised when I researched this, but I don’t have to worry as I have sex 4 to 7 times a week even at the age of 42.

Erectile dysfunction will start happening. This is the worse as most men are faced with this after 45 or older, and well no one wants to get all hot and bothered with their partner and then the tool that gives you both pleasure is not rising to the occasion.

Arousal issues can also happen if men do not have sex regularly. It will cause you to lose all interest in sexual intercourse altogether.

Prostate Cancer Risk will increase from not using the penis for sexual activity. The more it gets to get off the less risk of this form of cancer you will have.

Nocturnal Emissions increase

Penis can get smaller - OH DAMN!

Sex drive plummets

More Erections while you sleep

Our bodies are made with these functions for a reason, so both males and females must have a healthy sex life for physical and mental reasons.

Sometimes people are worried about talking about sex because so many people feel it's a private issue, but it's also a health issue. If you and your partner are not sexually active it's time to have a discussion, and maybe see a therapist.

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