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Scrappy has a handler!

So I haven't blogged in a while. A lot has been going on behind the scenes and life in general has been hectic. One of the things keeping me busy is the fact that i now have a handler. I met Sir Mike online and have been talking to him everyday since. We are slowly learning about each other and dislikes/likes we have. He is a very loving handler. We are both new to this type of dynamic so there is a lot to learn. He accepts me for me and knows I have a husband. He has a husband too. Sir Mike got me my first hood. The first time putting it on and I felt so free. I slipped into pup space and totally forgot about the worries I have from the real world. I was sitting on the floor in my hood and harness, waiting for my husband to get done doing some things. As I was sitting there, I automatically started wagging. The wagging was not intentional and I kept doing it involuntarily the entire night. I was in a funk before getting my hood. Ever since then ive started being more upbeat and less anxious. I am so happy to have my first hood and especially happy to have met Sir Mike. We are discussing meeting in person soon. I cannot wait to meet him in person and give him the biggest puppy hug and cuddles. Thank you Sir Mike! *wag wag*

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