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Leather Jean Shorts Review

When I competed at Iowa Leather Weekend, I was looking for a piece of leather that could be used for multiple looks without much fuss. That is when I came across the leather jean shorts from Mr. S Leather. Mr. S Leather got the inspiration for these shorts from a pair of Levi jean shorts. They are meant to hug your booty and accentuate your thighs. They are quite versatile in how they can be used in a wardrobe. My sponsor and sir gifted me these and I will treasure them forever.

I wore them during the competition with a short-sleeved button-up leather shirt and leather tie. I also have some pics to show different looks. One look is shirtless, the second one is with my vest, and the third is with my harness. These shorts can be part of a formal look, a casual look, or even a sexy look. I am fully enjoying how I look and feel in these shorts and cannot wait to wear them to an event again.

If you want to check them out for yourself to see size and price information, just click the link below and check out these amazing leather jean shorts from Mr. S Leather for yourself.

pup scrappy backstage at iowa leather weekend 2023

front view leather jean shorts with vest
rear view leather jean shorts with vest

leather jean shorts shirtless front view
leather jean shorts with leather harness front view

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