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New Year, new kink?

With the new year, usually comes some kind of new year resolution. For many, this is to exercise, lose weight, or somehow better their health. But what about a kinky new year resolution? There are so many possibilities for this type of resolution.

Maybe one can learn a completely new kink. Something that has never been tried before. Maybe nipple play is something you want to try for the first time. What kind of accessories or gear can be used for nipple play? Clothes pins are often found in a home and easily accessed by many people. These can be used as nipple clamps if a person does not have any. A person could also use sensory toys as part of nipple play. Such as a Wartenberg pinwheel. One could even use ice cubes as part of nipple play.

If you like being tied up, it is likely that you know a knot or two. A new year resolution could be to learn more knots. Some clubs and organizations have education classes for this. If no classes are available, one could use YouTube tutorials or sign up for classes and tutorials online. Here at Double D Dungeon, we offer a Shibari Academy certificate. There is also a free version available for some of the more basic knots and ties.

Another resolution could be to be more involved in the community. Going to more events is one way to get involved in the community. Last fall I went to my first leather event and I have to admit I was very anxious about it. I only knew most of the people online and had not met many in person. Once I started introducing myself to people, my anxiety started to disappear. I am already planning on attending more events this year and participating as much as I can.

Whatever the resolution is, make sure it is something you truly want and not something done for someone else. If it is something you like then I am sure you will enjoy it. Take things slow and make sure you educate yourself before jumping in head first. Do it for fun, do it for yourself, and be safe in doing whatever it is that you do

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