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Camp BearClaw 2019

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

A few weeks ago a customer contacted me, interested in getting some dildos in bulk for an upcoming event. I was excited as this event was close enough for me to attend. I was able to get the customer what he wanted thanks to the company Tantus. I was happy to get this set up for him and also to attend the event. The event was Camp BearClaw, a bear/leather/kink event that reminded me of the camp days as a kid. The event was held at LV Campground in Coggon, Iowa. A great campground with awesome staff. In the weeks leading to the event, I kept in contact with Tantus and the customer, who I came to know as Papa Bear. Papa Bear is Rob Anderson, Mr. Iowa Leather 2016, and is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Papa Bear was hosting the event along with Zach Gillette, Mr. Iowa Bear 2019.

When I first decided to go it was just going to be for the activities planned and I was not going to stay. Then my husband was saying we should stay the whole weekend. He was unable to attend due to work so I attended the event by myself. I had not met any of them before the weekend. I was so nervous about meeting all these new people without knowing any of them. But as soon as I got settled in and relaxed a little bit that feeling started melting away.

The bears were some of the nicest people I have met. Papa Bear and Zach helped make me feel at ease. I did end up recognizing some faces so I started relaxing. Everyone was just sitting around having a good time. From relaxing in hot tubs, swimming in the pool, and just socializing and discussing life as we knew it. That first night we sat around the campfire telling scary stories and playing never have I ever. Speaking in front of people is something that always causes me anxiety but not this time.

The next day was more hot tub relaxing and socializing. I started meeting and introducing myself to more people. This is something I normally do not do but to grow I was making myself step out of my comfort zone. For some reason, it was easier to do than I thought. In the afternoon we had kinky craft time. As kids at camp, many of us made pet rocks that we decorated. This activity was similar but was with dildos, making them pet cocks. The dildos were donated by Tantus. For this craft, materials like googly eyes, doll hair, rhinestones, and fur were provided for everyone to personalize their pet cock. In addition to decorating them, we were asked to come up with a backstory. This would come in handy later when the winners would be picked. Each pet cock was introduced to the group and gave their back story. Winners were chosen and received prizes.

After dinner games were brought out and a group of us decided to play cards against humanity. There was initially 12 of us playing. This time was full of laughter and many omg moments at the cards that were being played. When it was my time to speak, I started feeling warm and fuzzy, feeling my ears and face turn red. A panic attack was coming on but I pushed through it and finished the game. Then mother nature decided to intervene and it started raining. The end of the night came as we fell asleep hearing the rain on the cabin roof.

Sunday morning came and everyone was packing up to head home. Said goodbyes and told everyone it was nice to meet them. Then a few of us headed to breakfast. Got to know a couple of the guys more during breakfast. Overall the experience was a great time. I was able to push myself out of my comfort zone and enjoy the weekend. A big thank you to Papa Bear and Zach Gillette for putting on such a great event. Can't wait to do it again!

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