Pup Play 

Pup Play is being grouped in the BDSM field however its really a fetish that is becoming its own strong front. Why there are some BDSM make up with the whole dynamic its much more then just that. We will describe the basic of pup play, but also expand on it with articles and blog posts. We also have a large selection of Pup Play Gear such as Pup Hoods, Pup Tails and more! 

What is Pup play - Human Pup Play is not just  a sexual fetish however it can go to that route if both adults are consenting. Human Pup play is where one person takes the role of the Trainer or Handler why the other takes the role of the pup. This is not bestiality as no real animals are used during pup play. People who engage in pup play are looking for a way to escape every day life, and venture in a world that is more fun and care free. 

Pup Gear- Pup Gear can range from Collars, to Tails, To Hoods and more! Check out a wide selection of Pup Gear on our website from the bran names you trust and respect. 

Pup Hoods- Pup Hoods are made in all various materials and designs. Neospran is one of the most popular pup hoods as it allows for more flexibility and is also more durable and easy to clean and maintain. 

Pup Tails- Pup Tails are cute tails that are in many designs that also are used as a butt plug. The butt plug pup tails are the most popular as they give you two senses of enjoyment. The feeling of being a pup and the benefit of pleasing the anal area. 

Pup Play Facts or Are They? 


We have been researching and involving ourselves more into pup play over the last year more so then before. I am even letting Richard become his inner pup from time to time in our bedroom. The more I know and have an open mind to it the more I am starting to understand it and allow him to bring it to our relationship. Now keep in mind we got these facts from research and talking to other like minded pups. So if you happen to see any information on our site concerning pup play and you know its not true, please reach out to us by visiting our contact page. 


What is Pup Play - There seems to be a lot of information floating around on this, and we did more digging to get you the good general definition of what is Pup Play. Pup Play is a sublet of BDSM. BDSM has many various head spaces one could use, and Pup Play is one of them, and its popular in both gay and straight communities. One would say its rejection of the human form and adopting a primal form. Others look at it as the way to escape everyday human life and take on the role of a K9 and some even take on roles such as Alpha, Beta, and Pup. You have handlers and masters as well. Its constantly evolving fetish in the BDSM Realm. This is not bestiality and no real animals are used. 

What is a Handler In Pup Play - A handler is the person that is the Alpha. He or she is the leader of the 1 to numerous pups. The Handler is looked too as the father figure of the pack. A good handler will help you grow in the Pup Play head space, and will not be abusive. Handlers must respect your hard set boundaries, and not disrespect them. When you are looking for a handler make sure to check to see what their knowledge is with human pup play. You really wouldn't want to waste your time learning from someone who doesn't really know what they are doing? Would you? 

Pup Gear - Now you really do not need Pup Play Gear to get into head space however it helps. Visit our Pup Play Gear pages on our site to check out what is available for various gear. 

Where Do I Meet Other Pups? - Meeting other pups can be easy or hard, all depending on where you live in the world. There are social networks and various online groups where you can meet other like minded pups. We currently run a group on Telegram that if you would like to join our community contact us on our contact us page and we will send you the link. 


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