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Women of Leather Interviews - Tru Facade

Two years ago when my sir first ran for Iowa Bear, I was able to meet most of the contestants during mock interviews.  That is when I met Tru Facade for the first time.  Immediately I felt this welcoming and loving energy from her.  It was an honor to get to meet her and get to know her and her husband over the last couple of years.  I was excited when she agreed to participate in my interviews with the women of leather.  

Ms Iowa Leather 2023 Tru Facade

1.  What titles have you held?

Ms Iowa Leather 2023, the last of the Ms line for this state

2.  What were you able to accomplish while holding your titles?

I did not accomplish as much as I would’ve liked. I was the first runner-up for 

IMsL, but my health made it so I couldn’t do much during my year

3.  What are the top three experiences you have had as a person of leather?

I learned and experienced how the old guard would treat me as a woman of leather. 

I met SO many gorgeous folks through the leather community and have gained 

amazing friendships/family ties. I apparently made an impact on my fellow leathers 

just by being kind and supportive

4.  What are the bottom three experiences you have had as a person of leather?

I’ve had almost no bad experiences if I’m honest.

5.  Who are your top three people who have had an impact on your life?

My chosen mother. She was a Dom, she was a mentor, she was a perfect person in 

my eyes and always challenged me in life. My leather family line. These people not 

only helped shape our title; they shaped the families we have. Their support has 

been so wonderful.  My fellow leathers. Man, woman, pet, bear, and everyone in 

between. They’ve all been the best to be around and helped me grow

6.  What are three things you see have improved?

Folks seem a lot happier and thriving.  Our titles have grown to include all 

gender identities now and I can’t wait to see who we will have moving forward I saw an 

amazing amount of passion come from my own family and I couldn’t be more proud

7.  What are three things you see have gotten worse?

While I’ve not personally seen it until recently, I did see some folks waver in our 

ranks. To know that some were told they have no place here is horrid. Everyone is 

meant to be here

8.  What organizations are you a part of?

I’m not currently a part of any organizations. I had to take a step back for my and 

my husband's health, as well as in getting our new home

9.  What challenges do you see for the future?

A lot of people are not the biggest fan of change. Change is hard, but if we 

want to stay relevant we must move with the times.

10.  What projects or events are you currently working on?

Right now I’m working on some private projects. Mostly these are personal goals of 

becoming a published author.

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