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What is urethral sounding and what are penis plugs?

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

The topic of urethral sounding and penis plugs has been coming up a lot lately, so I decided to do some research to see what I could find out. DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert, this is information I found doing my research online. This is not a one way only, and I do not claim it to be. Do your research before trying something new to make sure you are keeping it safe, sane, and consensual.

Urethral sounding is when an object is inserted into the urethra. In the medical field, this is done to dilate the urethra. This can help with many things. The sounds can stimulate areas along the urethra, which can increase sensitivity and bring a whole new level of pleasure and play to a scene.

Penis plugs do exactly what their name suggests, plug the penis. This plug usually does not go into the urethra very far but can come in a wide variety depending on the look or feel that you desire. I know what you might be asking yourself, why would anybody want to stick something in their urethra? There are many reasons one could be using a penis plug.

One reason is that the penis plug stimulates nerve endings that sit behind the head of the penis, nerve endings you can't stimulate from the outside. Some penis plugs are more for looks, so if you want to accessorize your manhood this is one way to do it. Some people are known to almost instantly get an erection from using a penis plug. What guy wouldn't want an instant erection when you wanted it? Going back to the first reason and the nerve endings behind the penis head. Some of those nerve endings are brought to the surface which increases sensitivity.

As with any kink or fetish, there are safety precautions that should be followed to make sure there is no harm done to anybody. The main precaution with urethral sounding is making sure yourself and the toys you are using are clean and free of germs. Washing your toys should happen no matter the kink. With urethral sounding, you could be introducing bacteria into a part of your body it is not intended to be. Besides washing, you can also sterilize your sounds or penis plugs with boiling water. Some even use alcohol to sterilize and also use gloves to add an extra layer of protection.

Please don't use just any object sitting around your home. Be careful about what you are putting in your body, as it should be body-safe and safe for the activity you are participating in. Go at a slow pace, there is no reason to rush and go all out when first starting. Most penis plugs and sounds do not need to be forced into the urethra. If you have to force it, then something is not right.

Sounds with rounded, tapered tips tend to be preferred. Always make sure you have plenty of lube on hand, and make sure it is the correct kind of lube. Research shows that it is recommended to remove a sound before ejaculation. When removing a sound with a defined curve, one should wait for erection to go down first.

There are many different types of plugs available. There is the prince’s wand which is a smooth hollow shaft with a ball on the end. Since it is hollow, it will allow for urination and ejaculation without removal. The sperm stopper has a ball that goes in the urethra. The ball is on a rod connected to a ring that goes around the glans. This ring around the glans can also stimulate the frenulum. A through-hole plug allows for use and still be able to urinate and ejaculate. Some come with different designs so there is a sprinkler effect for those into water sports. A solid plug is just how it sounds, one solid piece. A vibrating plug is also self-explanatory. A ridged plug will have some sort of pattern in the material such as ridges or spirals. A tapered plug will gradually increase in size. There are also plugs available for use with electro play.

There are also many kinds of sounds available for use. One such type is the hegar. This sound has a gentle S curve to it, with a different diameter on each end. A hegar sound can be used on both men and women. A van Buren sound has a J shape to it. This type closely matches that of the path a man’s urethra makes. Another type of sound has multiple names, bakes sounds, rosebud sounds, or bullet sounds. This type of sound is a long thin rod with a bulbous end. It is known for stimulating much as anal beads do. A dittle sound has a rounded tip and then a flat end. The flat end can be a good handle and also doubles as a connector spot for electro play. A pratt sound is much like the hegar but is longer and a more defined curve. It can go deeper than the prostate and can be used on both men and women. A sim sound is long and has a gentle curve with a flattened handle. This makes for a good contact point for electro play. The hank sound is a double-ended sound with a gentle curve on each end. It has metal ribs that can act as stoppers.

This was information I found searching the internet. I have not tried sounding myself so I am no expert. If you are wanting to try it, make sure you do your research. You are putting things in your body in a place that does not normally have things in it and also a place that is not used to having bacteria in it. Make sure you are using the correct lube, you should not be using just any lube you have laying around.

There is some medical terminology I came across during my research. All the research suggested that a sound be removed before ejaculating. Not doing so can cause retrograde ejaculation. According to the mayo clinic, this is when semen enters the bladder instead of coming out of the penis. This is a dry orgasm. Many say this is not harmful, but others say it can lead to male infertility. Another term found was for strictly for men, and that is the prostatic urethra. This is the part of the urethra that crosses the prostate. Some sounds are long enough to reach this area. It is said that this can be very pleasurable as this is a part of the prostate that does not get stimulation like this. For women, there is something similar, but no special name found. For women, the urethra passes straight through the clitoris and g-spot.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert, nor do I claim to be. If you are interested in sounding, do your research like I just have. Find out the facts and come to your conclusions on how or if you want to proceed with this kink. Like everything in life, there are pros and cons. Educate yourself and find out if this is something for you. And remember, keep it Safe, Sane, and Consensual.

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