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What is ABDL?

In learning about the kink world, I encountered some people that called themselves littles and like to act like a baby. I did not understand this but as I got to know them as friends, I began to understand a little more. It is not just about wearing a diaper and acting like a baby. I began asking questions and doing research online about Adult Baby Diaper Lover. ABDL falls under the category of Age Play. Age Play is when one person is acting like that of someone of a different age. Age Play can go both ways with Elderly Play and Adult Babies. ABDL is actually two parts: Adult Baby and Diaper Lover. A person can use one or both as part of their fetish. A person does not need to use both parts. As with most kinks and fetishes, there are no strict rules. Adult Baby - when a person acts like a younger version of themselves or a whole new alter ego. The age of this persona can be of any age. Most will focus on a younger age such as that of a baby or toddler of just a few years in age. They might like to wear onesies, cuddle with stuffed animals, and suck on a pacifier. Some people get very strict when role-playing as to what they are allowed to do. For example, a 3-year-old probably would not be able to cut their own food and would require someone to do this for them. There are no rules set in stone, so whatever works for the individual. Diaper Lover - when a person likes to wear, touch, or see a diaper. There are many reasons why a person likes to wear a diaper. Some use it for comfort, while others use it for convenience. There are still others who enjoy the humiliation of soiling themselves and then being scolded for it. This is not true for everyone who likes diapers. Littles like to feel loved and safe. They love to cuddle up next to their “Big”. A person can be a little without having a big around. As the saying goes, while the adults are away the kids will play. Bigs like being able to take care of someone. Loving them and being there for them. Sex is not always involved in ABDL. For some it is about the role-playing aspect, escaping from the stresses of life and going to a happy space. ABDL is also crossing over into other kinks such as puppy play. This could be because pups like playing on the floor like adult babies. There is also the fact that pups also yearn to have someone there to care for them. Please stay tuned to our blog as we expand upon the ABDL life. We will be separating the two parts and expanding each one to take a closer look

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