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Washing your toys

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

With the threat of the Coronavirus, we here at Double D Dungeon think it is time to look at cleaning our toys. There are many aspects of cleaning toys that need to be taken into account. Whether the toys are made of porous or nonporous materials is one of them. Is the toy waterproof or just water resistant? When was the last time the toy was cleaned? These are questions we will discuss in this blog post.

Porous materials can have tiny spots where germs and bacteria can hide. Porous materials include rubber, jelly, elastomer, sensafirm, latex, and what are called skin safe rubber. Skin safe rubber is the name given to TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Nonporous materials can include ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene aka hard plastic), borosilicate glass, soda lime glass, silicone, and metal.

If the toy is waterproof, it can be submerged in water, boiled, or even run through a dishwasher cycle. If it is water resistant then it should not be submerged into water. Submerging into water could damage the toy. All that is needed to clean toys is simple soap and water. When should you clean your toys? The first time to wash a toy is when you first purchase it. Now more than ever, anything that comes into your home should be washed before getting used on the body. Toys should also be washed before and after each use. Not washing before storing could potentially spread germs and bacteria into places it was not before.

There are toy cleaners out there that can also be used cleaning toys. While these cleaners do the job they say, they are not required to get a toy clean. Do be careful what cleaners you choose to use on your toys. Some contain chemicals that could be harmful if not rinsed properly and exposed into the body. Also be careful that the cleaner will not cause damage to the toy being cleaned. For complete toy care, make sure your toys are cleaned with something that will not damage them or do any harm to you.

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