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So You Want to Try Ball Stretching?

I know what you are thinking, why would I want to stretch my balls out? Isn’t that pain and torture? Both of these questions will be answered in this blog. Ball stretching is part of CBT (cock and ball torture), but any pain involved should be consensual. Most people enjoy a certain level of pain, and ball stretching does not have to be. It can be done with little to no pain if done safely and sanely. If you are into pain, just make sure you know the risks that come with it and know your limits. Ball stretching is a very popular method of ball play.

As for why you would want to, let’s take a look at some of the reason that some people use ball stretching for. For some using a ball stretcher has been known to prolong orgasm. Who wouldn’t want that? Many like the way it looks. Some ball stretchers can make your package look bigger. Again, who wouldn’t want that? Because the balls are stretched, fluid has to travel farther because the balls are not high and tight against the body. Many people like the feel of having a ball stretcher on. When the skin is stretched, it becomes more sensitive. As someone into sensory play, this opens up many more ways to tease more sensitive skin. And always with consent!

With all kinks and fetishes, there are things you should do and things you should not. Ball stretching is no different. There are safety guidelines that should be followed. If it is not safe, then it is not fun and that is the whole enjoy it. The balls are very sensitive so be careful. Even the slightest tap can sometimes feel much worse. When using weights, be sure not to increase too fast and be careful with them. There is no rush, take your time and enjoy each small step you take. Let your body adjust to each step of your ball stretching.

Like other kinks and fetishes that involve restricting body movement, keep an eye on circulation. If the balls are turning blue or cold to the touch, STOP immediately and remove the device. This indicates low circulation and could lead to damage. Take a step back and let your body relax. Your body will tell you if you are able to go further or stop, listen to it! If any pain becomes uncomfortable, stop and relax before continuing. Maybe the ball stretcher is catching skin. This could be fixed by adjusting the stretcher so you are able to continue.

The material some ball stretchers are made of may cause chaffing if rubbing against the body in the wrong way. Chafing can be prevented by using a lotion with cocoa butter or shea butter. Both of these are good for skin elasticity. Also, keep an eye out for testicular torsion. This is when the testicle twists at the spermatic cord and cuts off the blood supply. If you want to keep your balls stretched to a specific length, then it is recommended to stretch them on a regular basis. Not doing this regularly could lead to losing the desired stretch.

There are many types of ball stretchers available. This blog will briefly touch on some of them. Research and find the one that best fits your specific needs. Split Collar Ball Stretchers are made of metal. They can be worn with clothing and are offered in different weights. One aspect of these stretchers is that they require a hex key. This is a double edge sword so to speak. They are easy to put on with the key, but the drawback is it can’t be removed without the key. They can also pinch the skin if not careful. They become noisy if you use more than one. Solid Ring Ball Stretchers are made of metal and silicone. Differs from split collar as it does not pinch the skin. Solid rings can be worn with clothing and are available in different weights. This type must be purchased in the correct size because if it is too big, it could just fall off. Solid rings are also noisy if you use more than one.

Parachute Ball Stretchers are made of leather. This type can be adjusted and weights added to customize the feeling. Perfect for using during CBT sessions. Much more comfortable than metal ball stretchers, however, cannot be worn with clothes. Because they are made of leather, there are drawbacks due to the care needed for the fabric. They absorb lube and sweat so will need to be cleaned properly so do not get ruined. Plain leather stretchers are offered in different lengths. They are lightweight, adjustable, comfortable, and can be worn with clothing. Being made of leather means they have the cons that come with leather care and that they can absorb lube and sweat. So be sure to take care of your gear after use to prolong the life of the gear.

Weighted leather stretchers have some of the same benefits as plain leather stretchers but with the added benefit of being able to change the length and the weight. Leather ball bags are comfortable and come with an adjustable collar, but cannot be worn with clothing. Vacuum pumps can not only be used for cocks. They can be used on testicles to increase size and sensitivity. These effects are temporary and would require multiple pump sessions to keep it going. Humblers are made of wood and also used for ball stretching, especially when getting into more CBT. They cannot be worn with clothing as they can be uncomfortable.

Like with any physical activity, there are things that can be done to warm up and prepare the body for what you are about to do. Ball stretching is no different. The first thing that should be done is to get the body ready. Start with a warm shower or bath, a bath would be good and allow the testicles to rest in relaxing warm water. Also can give you time to clear your head and relax. The next step would be to start stretching with your hands. This will get the elasticity of the skin used to being stretched before putting on a ball stretcher. There are many methods on doing this, what method you use is up to you.

Grab scrotum on each side. Pull the skin down and out. Hold for 45 seconds.

Stretch the spermatic cords. Make OK sign and loop around the top of the sack. Run this circle down to the top of the balls. Pull down and hold for one minute. Repeat but pull to the left and then the right, holding for 45 seconds for each side. Repeat this but pulling up instead of down.

The web stretch stretches the penoscrotal webbing, located where the penis meets the sack. Make the OK sign and pull down on sack while pulling up on the penis. Hold this until the skin is warm and tingly. This can be achieved in a few seconds or even a few minutes. If it is uncomfortable doing for too long then stop. It is not necessary to do for long. If you choose to do so, just make sure you know your body well enough to know when to stop.

Touch index finger and thumb around the scrotum, right between the body and the balls. Push down with gentle pressure.

Once you do some warm-up stretches, then you are ready to put on your favorite ball stretcher and enjoy the fun. These are just suggested stretching techniques. You can do stretches however you wish, the point would be to warm up the body before jumping right into a stretcher. Experienced ball stretchers might be able to do this since their bodies would be used to it.

Be careful of chafing, which can happen from the ball stretcher rubbing against your body. Lube can be used to remedy this, however, you should make sure the lube you are using is compatible with the ball stretcher. Some lubes may not be good, depending on the material the stretcher is made from. Also remember to use cream or lotions that contain vitamin E, which is good for growing scrotal skin. Do not rush through the process of ball stretching, take steps to allow your mind and body to adjust. Skipping forward too fast could cause damage to your body. If you want to keep your balls stretched, you have to make sure you stretch them on a regular basis. If you go a long period of time without stretching them, you are likely to lose some of the length and will have to work your way back up.

As with any kink or fetish, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Also, make sure you know what to do if something goes wrong. Take your time and make sure you are keeping things safe, sane, and fun.

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May 14, 2019

My hubby is starting to like that but hes unsure about using a ball stretcher. Told him it is about finding the right one, so maybe in the future he will want to get one.


May 05, 2019

I have a couple ball stretcher that are very comfortable and ball place is great is great fun Best part of jerking off is when my hubby is pulling and playing with my balls

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