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Scrappy got mail

So today started like any other day. I got up and had my coffee and started picking up house. Had a friend coming by for lunch so wanted to make sure it was clean. Friend came and we watched tv, chatted, and had lunch delivered. After he left I started to get ready to complete my to-do list Sir gave me.

That's when there was a knock on there was a box delivered on my porch. Sir had told me I would be receiving a package today. I got so excited, i took the box upstairs and immediately started opening it. After many boxes, bags, and plastic, I finally got to the item. Sir sent me a chastity cage for punishment when i do not behave and complete given tasks.

I was instructed to try it on and make sure it would fit properly. Since it came with 3 rings, I first tried the medium size ring and it felt very comfortable. I then squeezed myself through the small ring and have had it on for a couple hours now. I can barely tell it is on, unless I bump it on something.

This is my first experience with a chastity cage and so far I am liking it, besides the fact that I can't get off without permission from Sir or my hubby. I was instructed to give both keys to my hubby and have him send one to Sir, so they will both have a key. Since Sir is not close, hubby will have a key here for when it is needed.

There is no pinching of skin or pulling of pubic hair. It just feels like someone has their hand around my junk and giving a gentle squeeze. I may grow to like wearing this but will try to behave for Sir so I do not have to wear it too often. Hey now, I said I would try!

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