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Poppers - to sniff or not to sniff?

Most people know that poppers are used during sexual encounters, but many of the users may not know some of the history surrounding this chemical. It was synthesized for the first time in 1844 by french chemist, Antoine Jérôme Balard. He did this by passing nitrogen through amyl alcohol. It was first used in therapy for angina in the 19th century. At one-time amyl nitrite was also used to treat cyanide poisoning. Scottish psychiatrists also used poppers in the treatment of menstrual cramps. In the disco age, poppers could be purchased in glass ampoules. These ampoules needed to be crushed to release the chemical. By crushing the ampoule, it made a popping sound giving the chemical the name it has today. Poppers are nitrites, and should not be confused with nitrates which is a different chemical.

What types of poppers are there?

  1. Amyl

  2. The strongest type of poppers.

  3. Euphoria, loss of inhibitions, longer high, side effects of headaches, best type when fisting.

  4. Brands - Amyl, Rise Up, Pur Amyl, Ghost, The Real Amsterdam Black Label

  5. Pentyl

  6. Same effects as amyl but shorter duration, don't evaporate as quickly

  7. Euphoria, stimulation, better sex drive, loss of inhibitions, longer orgasm. Ideal for more sensual sex, strongest erections.

  8. Brands - Highrise, Adler, Extreme Ultra Strong, Jungle Juice Black Label

  9. Mix

  10. Avoids headaches like those amyl cause. Mix of nitrites

  11. Aphrodisiac, increased sexual arousal, dilate orifice (anal or vaginal), increase orgasm.

  12. Brands - Dragon Strong, El Toro

  13. Propyl

  14. Among the most powerful, like amyl, don't last as long as amyl.

  15. Aphrodisiac results, a lower incidence of side effects.

  16. Brands - Dragon Power, Rush, Isopropyl Nitrite, Pur Propyl, Jungle Juice Platinum

  17. Hexyl

  18. Great vessel expanders, increased heart rate.

  19. Euphoric properties, guaranteed arousal.

  20. Brands - Blue Boy 30ml, Jungle Juice Platinum 30ml, The Real Amsterdam 30ml

  21. Butyl -

  22. Said to be most effective.

  23. Provide the best orgasm.

  24. Banned across Europe since 2017

Poppers can have many effects. The effect and its intensity all depend on what type of popper is done and how much is being used in a session. Some of the general effects include the following: lowering of inhibitions, increased arousal, stronger orgasms, relaxation of muscles (anal or vaginal), and a state of euphoria. There are also some negative side effects that can come with using poppers. They can include some of the following: dizziness, lightheadedness, a drop in blood pressure, allergic reactions to the poppers, skin lesions due to contact with the chemical, intraocular pressure, nausea, nosebleeds, chest pains, and headaches. I know that makes them sound dangerous, and they can be if one is not careful in how they are being used. Some simple precautions can be taken to safely use poppers. Avoid direct skin contact as this can cause lesions and burns. Poppers should not ever be taken internally. Use poppers in moderation, using too much in a short time can greatly increase negative side effects. Staying hydrated, in my experience, also greatly decreases the chance of getting a “popper headache”. Many forms of poppers have been banned in countries across the world. In 2007, the EU banned Isobutyl nitrite because it is linked to cancer. Poppers were also banned in Canada in 2013. If you are using any form of erectile dysfunction medication, it is recommended that you do not use poppers. Both affect blood pressure and the combination can cause a fatal drop. This goes for any medication that is for the heart or blood pressure. After reading some of the previous information, one might question why someone would use a chemical that can have some of the side effects it has. We may never have one clear answer to that question. Some may not care about the side effects, while others have done their research and asked professionals about the use of poppers. It might be something private and taboo, but asking a doctor about using them when on medications would be a good recommendation as well. Remember to do your own research and make an informed decision on anything that you do to your body. You know your body better than anyone else. Play and stay safe!

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