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New items coming!

Recently we at the dungeon decided it was time to make more items in house. There will be more apparel coming very soon along with some kinky items such as hand poured candles and paddles. Both of these will be customizable to fit the likes and desires of our customers.

We will be designing a line of apparel to be customized for various kinks such as bondage, wax play, impact play, etc. We are excited for the future and upcoming additions and expansions of various aspects of the dungeon.

double d dungeon shop icon

We hope that you come back and stay tuned for updates and exciting things to come for the future. Once we have some prototypes for the products we will be write a blog about each one and what choices customers will have to make them customized to them.

Be sure to check out the shop page for these great items that can only be purchased here at the dungeon.

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