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Mr. Hankey's Toys Price Comparison

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Here at the Dungeon, we work with many manufacturers and distributors to bring you a wide selection of quality products. Our best-selling products come from Mr. Hankey's Toys. They manufacture a wide selection of realistic and fantasy/sci-fi-inspired dildos. They offer some custom color options as well as firmness options. They also offer an attachment hole option which makes the toy compatible with most strap-ons or sex machines. Their toys are made with ultra-high performance 100% platinum cure silicone. They test all their products for impurities and hazardous chemicals. The toys are odor-free and skin-safe.

One thing I have noticed is that some companies offer Mr. Hankey's Toys products on their website. So I decided to do some price comparisons between the prices we can offer to our customers and those of other companies that also offer the same products

Our Prices Co. A Co. B Co. C Co. D Co. E

Beowolf 119.95 146.51

Centaur 124.95 153.42 129.95

Cutler X 149.95 186.59 206.99 154.95

El Rey 139.95 175.53 193.99 144.95

Nick Capra 129.95 149.95 193.50 193.99 134.90 134.95

Taintacle 114.95 165.86 190.99 139.95

Mr. Hankeys Toys Taintacle Dildo blue sci fi fantasy dildo
Nick Capra Dildo by Mr hankeys Toys

It is interesting to see such a wide variety of prices for the same products. We are able to keep our prices low because we work directly with manufacturers and do not upcharge just to sell to our customers. Some of the Co. (companies) are able to keep the prices only a few dollars higher, while others charge much more for the same toy. Some of the companies do not offer the full Mr. Hankey's Toys catalog but we do.

Us Co. A Co. B Co. C Co. D Co. E

# of products 67 12 63 24 11 47

Avg $ increase $20 $39 $79 $4 $7

Some of these companies are what some may call big box sex toy or kink stores that offer many brands in one place. Big box stores are nice and can give customers a chance to find everything they need in one place. They are nice and convenient but we are not one of them. We are a small business that is run out of our home until we get a physical space to have a brick-and-mortar storefront. We may not be as popular as a big box store, but we will do our best to offer the best prices and provide a personalized shopping experience for our customers so they find the perfect item they are looking for. So next time you are looking to buy a Mr. Hankey's Toy, please consider using a small business like ourselves. You will not only be supporting a small business but also will be saving yourself some money.

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