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Long Distance Sensory Play

Lovense is a company that has long been known for making some of the best long-distance wifi and Bluetooth sex toys. Whether it was the Nora, Max, Lush, Hush, or Edge; their products are widely known as some of the best long-distance control insertables. Recently they have expanded their product line and have included some toys that can be used for sensory play without inserting the toy anywhere.

lovense hyphy

They first started with Hyphy. This is a double-ended vibrator. The low-frequency end can be used as an insertable toy but can also be used as a sensory toy to stimulate different parts of the body. The high-frequency end can be used as a clit stimulator or nipple play. The high-frequency end has three different attachments to be able to provide different types of stimulation. Play is not limited to just the clit or nipples. These can be used to stimulate any body part. Bringing in other sensory play, like a blindfold, can help to enhance this type of play.

lovense gemini

Recently Lovense came out with Gemini, which is a set of vibrating nipple clamps. This toy comes with a necklace option or a bra attachment option. The clamps attach to the nipples and can be controlled via an app from anywhere in the world providing there is an internet connection. The clamps can be attached to more body parts other than just the nipples. If there is a specific body part that is an erogenous zone for a person.

If someone gets all hot and bothered when their toes are played with, these toys can be applied there to provide sensory play with them. Maybe the inner thigh can be stimulated and really drive a person wild. The possibilities are endless with the different likes of each person in the world. These toys also eliminate the need for penetration to provide some sexual fun. No matter what anyone says, penetration is not required to have some kinky fun. Be safe, have fun, and stay hydrated.

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