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Impact Play - Spanking explained

Impact Play was discussed in a previous blog and we will now take a closer look at one portion of impact play - spanking. Many people like spanking to some degree. Whether it is receiving or giving, always make sure you get consent. If consent is not given then the fun gets taken out of the situation and can cause problems. What some do not realize is that being the receiver takes courage and trust. If you are scared of the giver, then you won’t trust them to treat you properly. It is important to discuss things such as safe word and hard limits before getting started. Safe Words can be anything. Some people use the traffic light system, green for keep going, yellow for slow down, red to stop. I personally use a double tap system. When the situation is reaching my limit or becoming uncomfortable, I tap twice letting the person know to stop. Be sure to let your partner know your hard limits. Spanking is used in dom/sub play as a way to discipline and/or punish a sub. There is a difference between discipline and punishment. Discipline is more about teaching the sub how to act or complete a task. If a sub were to make a mistake because they did not know, then they would need the discipline to show them how to do things correctly. However if the sub broke a rule on purpose, then they need punishment. Just because a sub broke a rule does not mean to go in guns a blazing with a punishment. The punishment should fit the crime, meaning the severity of the punishment should be based on the infraction. There are many different ways you can change up spanking to get different reactions and sensations. First, we will look at the implements that can be used in spanking Hand - skin on skin contact can be more sensual for some Paddle - flat implement that can provide a slap over a wide area Slapper - like a paddle but meant to make more noise than actual pain Whip - long, sometimes hard to control strands. Can be painful Flogger - like a whip but has multiple strands Cane - wooden stick that can offer higher levels of pain Tickler - used for tickling and light spanking Riding Crop - a combination of a cane and paddle Pervertables - regular household objects that can be used such as a wooden spoon Next, we will look at some of the materials used to make some impact play implements: Leather - can provide a nice stinging feeling on the skin. Also can arouse by the smell Faux fur - soft and fluffy. Provides spanking without the sting of other materials Suede - softer feel than leather. Has more texture and not as intense as leather Wood - provides the most intense feeling on the skin Changing location can also affect a spanking session. Maybe surprise your partner in the kitchen. The kitchen has a wide variety of place and possible positions to spank your partner. There is always the old and faithful method of OTK (Over The Knee). What about on the couch while watching TV. Your sub could be laying down watching TV with you and keeps talking. You can’t focus on the movie with sub talking, maybe a spanking will teach them a lesson. And you can also try out a spanking bench. There are many options available for spanking benches to give you new options for position and angles. There are a few reasons or moods for spanking. One such reason is arousal. Who doesn’t get aroused by a little spanking by your partner? Punishment is another reason. When a sub steps out of line they need to be taught a lesson. For those that get enjoyment out of being punished, the mood could be for what's called funishment, meaning its for fun but also a punishment. Sensation is also another reason for spanking. With sensation it is not about disciplining or punishing. It is more about the sensation of being spanked or feeling the implements against your skin. As with all things kink and fetish, make sure all parties involved consent to what will be happening. And remember, keep it safe and keep it fun!

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