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How many kinks,fetishes are there?

I am fairly new to the kink/fetish world. I knew there was bondage, foot fetish, watersports, and role play. In researching different kinks/fetishes I found that it is so much more than that. Some are very common, such as bondage and role play. Others such as sensory deprivation and watersports are not as common. The following is a short list of just some of the kinks and fetishes some people like. This is by no means the ultimate list of kinks and fetishes. We will be exploring each kink further in this blog so that each one can be explained in more detail. If there is one not on this list and you would like to know more, leave us a comment and we will get the information you need.

Ageplay - roleplay based on an age difference. Some examples would be parent/child play, diaper play.

BDSM - Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadomasochism, Sadism & Masochism, Slave & Master.

Blood Choking - a form of edgeplay in which someone is choked until they pass out or start to lose consciousness.

Bondage - restraining or restricting movement of a person.

Breathplay - choking or restricting breathing.

Caning - using a cane for pain/discipline.

CBT - cock and ball torture.

Corsetry/Tight-lacing - a fetish that explores power exchange by changing body shape and restricting breathing.

Edgeplay - more risky fetishes such as those that involve breathing, blood, etc. As with all fetishes/kinks, the goal should be to be safe and have fun.

Fireplay - involves using fire in some form.

Fisting - involves inserting a fist into the body of another person.

Flogging - involves using a flogger for pain/discipline.

Foot fetish - attraction to feet.

Golden Showers - urinating on another person

Impact Play - when something makes an impact. Some examples: caning, flogging.

Knife Play - using a knife for pain/discipline/threat.

Lingerie fetish - attraction to lingerie.

Medical Play - using medical tools for pain/discipline/threat.

Mummification - wrapping a person like a mummy to restrict movement and breathing.

Needle Play - using needles for pain/discipline/threat.

Orgasm Control - controlling when orgasm happens. Also known as edging.

Psychological Play - using the mind to dominate another person. Examples are humiliation play, consensual threats (do this or receive this consequence).

Play Piercing - piercing the skin.

Pony Play - act like a pony.

Pet Play - act like a puppy/kitty.

Rape fantasy - fetish when a person enjoys roleplaying a rape scenario.

Role Play - Changing roles and acting like something else. This can be done in numerous scenarios from pet play and age play just to name a couple.

Sensation Play - involves teasing the senses.

Sensory Deprivation - involves restricting one or more senses.

Scat Play - involves feces.

Shebari - Japanese rope bondage.

Sounding - inserting rods into urethral openings.

Suspension - lifting, suspending person in the air.

Voyeurism - a fetish of watching someone else have sex.

Wax Play - pouring hot wax on a person.

Watersports - involves urine.

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