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Hi, it's me Richard aka Scrappy

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

I'd like to welcome everyone to our website. My name is Richard, aka Scrappy. Richard to most who know me, Scrappy when I am in pup space. I just recently turned 41 and live in Iowa with my husband. A few years ago I finally embraced my age and started letting out my kinky side. It started with bears. That really just opened the door for me and got me wanting to try a long list of new things. From bondage, watersports, roleplay, and sensory deprivation to name a few. The possibilities are practically endless with the kink/fetish world as i soon found out.

After spending about a year in the bear community, i was introduced to pup play. At first i was hesitant but then realized how much i liked it. i found a good core group that did not judge me for not knowing anything. In the pup community I am a handler/trainer/pup. Some consider me an alpha pup.

A few months ago we decided that there should be some place for the kink/fetish community to come together to chat, share, and shop. Our goal is to not just sell gear and products, but to provide a safe place to discuss and learn about kinks and different fetishes. So many are curious about using new kinks but unsure how to do so safely and keep it fun. Remember in all things kink/fetish, stay safe and keep it fun. If not safe then people get hurt, and if not fun then people arent into it. Both things can ruin the experience for a novice.

I hope that you join me on this adventure as I explore new kinks and fetishes, also as i learn about how to do things correctly so they are fun. I would also like to see more community events for the community. We cannot be a community if we do not come together. Whether for a specific cause or just because, my goal is to increase community awareness and togetherness.

Richard AKA Scrappy in his pup hood. BDSM Pup Play. Man in pup hood shirtless.

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