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Herstory and history

After competing in a leather competition recently, it was pointed out to me that I knew little to nothing about the women of leather and their herstory. After decompressing from the event and a weekend of many firsts for me, I started researching women of leather. I was amazed at how much I did not know. This got me thinking about learning the stories of each woman of leather by doing an interview with them.

I have a list of questions that will be asked of each person has been compiled. The questions will take a look at their experiences, projects, charities, and thoughts from each person. The goal is to learn the story specific to each person and take that information and use it to grow myself and the community as a whole.

woman with leather corset and whip flogger

No names will be given at this time because consent has not been given to do so. Before publishing anything, I will be getting consent from each person interviewed. Consent is a huge concern for me and I strive to get consent in any part of my life. I hope that I can also help others learn the herstory of those who came before us. That includes people who are from all over, not just local community members.

I will also be doing the same with local community members at a later date. I am not a teacher so I cannot claim to teach, but I can bring about discussion that may lead someone to learn something that can improve their lives. So come back and join me on this journey into the herstory of women in leather.

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