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Glizzy by Erotixxx Toys

Here we will take a look at Glizzy from Erotixxx Toys. Glizzy has a circular base that helps increase stability while using it. Stability is important, especially when one gets excited. The base also makes it easier to handle. It has a great grip which increases how easy it is to use. Glizzy comes in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra extra-large.

erotixxx toys glizzy small

Small - circumference near head 2.87in/7.28cm, circumference near middle 3.74in/9.49cm, circumference near base 8.55in/25.70cm, overall length 6.95in/17.65cm, insertable length 5.5in/13.97cm, weight 0.23lbs/106g

erotixxx toys glizzy medium

Medium - circumference near head 3.4in/8.63cm, circumference near middle 4.42in/11.22cm, circumference near base 11.9in30.22cm, overall length 8.03in/20.39cm, insertable length 6.5/16.51cm, weight 0.70lb/319g

erotixxx toys glizzy large

Large - circumference near head 4.18in/10.61cm, circumference near middle 5.44in/13.81cm, circumference near base 12.43in/31.57cm, overall length 9.66in/24.53cm, insertable length 8in/30.32cm, weight 1.24lb/563g

erotixxx toys glizzy extra extra large

Extra Extra Large - circumference near head 4.71in/11.96cm, circumference near middle 6.12in/15.54cm, circumference near base 13.99in/35.53cm, overall length 10.75in/27.30cm, insertable length 9in/22.86cm, weight 1.71lb/778g

Glizzy comes in 14 colors - white, yellow, black, blood red, blue, brown, flesh, green, medium flesh, orange, pale flesh, red, silver, and warm flesh. You can get the firmness in soft, medium, and firm. You can also get an attachment hole added so you can use with sex machines or holders to keep your toy in place while you enjoy the ride. Check out these reviews customers left for the Glizzy:

"Amazing product! I love it!" by Mark H.

"The aesthetics and functionality of Glizzy are beyond what I imagined. Erotixxx Toys has truly outdone themselves, creating a beautiful and immensely satisfying product. The pinnacle of luxury and pleasure." by Emily D.

You too can enjoy a Glizzy for yourself. Just click one of the pictures in this blog and be taken to the product page and order one today. Whether it is for yourself, a significant other, or a friend, Glizzy is sure to bring hours of pleasure to whoever has one. Be sure to stay hydrated and play safe, whatever that means to you.

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