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Getting Lost In The Moment

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

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When was the last time you were having sex, and you got lost in the moment of it? How many of you why your having sex, have a million other thoughts going through your head when your doing the act? Do not laugh, because there are quite a few of us out there then you might think.

The reason I thought of this subject, is because my own husband was honest with me many years ago and said that when hes having sex, hes thinking about other things as well sometimes. Nothing that I can necessarily change but he felt the need to tell me this. Well I do from time to time as well too. I could be getting banged at a great rhythm and feeling good and be thinking about did I forget to shut the fridge door, or the gas n light bill is due next Monday. Seriously we need for this to stop! LOL. I have been working on this myself, and it seems to be helping, and it might be different for others. I simply try to shut my brain off during intimacy. Its not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of practice.

One way I have been able to do this, is to get my partner interested in sensual love making. We trace each others bodies with our finger tips, why making out. Must do it slowly, or otherwise it dosent work, and you could be doing a wham bam thank you maam and that not the point. Why doing this focus on the feeling of your partners hands caressing and tracing your naked body, why your tasting their tongue in your mouth. Just focus on those feelings and nothing else. If the tedious call the repair man, or check your calendar thought comes in, simply ignore it, and then go back to focusing on the touch. You must try this multiple times, and then try to feel your partners energy by having your bare skin touch their bare skin. Simply feel that contact and feel the energy exchanging between your bodies. Once you get to this state of shutting off your brain and focusing on this, oh my let me tell you, it just keeps getting better.

Now a thing you might want to try if you simply cannot shut your mind off. Use a toy. A sex toy will help you focus on the act, as you will be using an object to commit a sexual act. So your focus will be on the sex toy. Now we can start off by using the basic Dildo or Flesh Light or you and your partner can really let your mind go wild.

When you are using a flesh light on your partner your focus will be on making sure he is having extreme pleasure. Which should take your focus off your tasks that you have to complete the following week.

Feel free to join our members only area, where I can go into more detail and step by step on how to get lost in the moment with your partner.

Leave your comments below and we hope you continue to follow our blog.

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