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Finding Solace in Pleasure

The main goal with sex toys, gear, and accessories is to find pleasure on some level. Whether that be physical, mental, or emotional pleasure. Webster's dictionary defines solace in the verb form as "to give comfort to in grief or misfortune, to make cheerful. console, amuse, allay, soothe". As a noun, it is defined as "comfort in grief, alleviation of grief or anxiety, a source of relief or consolation". Some would agree that sex acts or even sexy or kinky activity can help alleviate anxiety, make someone feel comfort, and give them a general overall cheerfulness.

That's where Lovense comes in and helps give new meaning to finding Solace in pleasure. Solace is their newest product, an app-controlled automatic thrusting male masturbator. Solace has a stable desk mount that holds it in place and can adjust within 180 degrees, so it can be attached to a desk or table and fit almost any position. This frees your hands to do other things like touch another part of the body or just sit back and enjoy the sensations Solace brings you.

lovense solace app-controlled automatic thrusting male masturbator

Solace comes with a neutral sleeve and a vagina sleeve so there are two types of sensations that can be felt, depending on your unique desires. Solace can be linked up to cam shows where streamers can control your pleasure level or be controlled. Like many of the amazing products Lovense provides, Solace can be synced to some porn videos and also to play adult games. Another great pro of Solace is that it can be controlled from anywhere with a simple app or even a browser.

If you are looking for Solace through your pleasures, look no further than Lovense and the new Solace automatic male masturbator. Let Lovense help you bring your pleasure and Solace to the next level. Don't forget some lube while you pick up this great product and then grab yourself some water and have some great fun!

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