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About Human Pup Play: Correcting the Misconception

My partner and I have recently over the last year been introduced to human Pup play, while I had misconceptions about it, my partner was more opened minded and seem to really be getting into it. I decided I would also be open-minded so I can explore this new fetish with him. When meeting his friends I discovered a lot. My number one misconception was that I was confusing this fetish with beastiality which I do believe a lot of others do too, and that is not the correct assumption. What is Human Pup Play? Human Pup play is a fantasy role play fetish, and it does not always involve sex. Its where many feel the pressure of adult life, and want to relax, and just let their true self come out. When a pup goes into role play and puts on his hood, he's leaving the stress of life behind for a few hours and allows himself to be carefree like a puppy. A few hours to leave all the stress behind such as bills, illnesses, job stress etc. Who wouldn't want to escape from that? Some people use alcohol or drugs to escape from reality, but what if more people would embrace this form of role play? There are many various ways to do pup play. You can either be a puppy or a dog, or a handler or Trainer. It just depends on what your role is and what you are comfortable with. There are no set rules for Human Pup play as everyone should be able to live their own fantasy. You never want to place a restriction on fantasy. This goes for Human Pup play as well. Pup Training Some new pups think they need to go through training in order to be a good pup but that is not necessarily true. Your training needs to also include what you perceive yourself in real life to make it mesh with the roleplay if you want to get the full benefit of this fetish. You need to also be able to enjoy everything. Going through pup training will help you think outside of the box of being a human in human society. It will also help you become a more widely developed person. Not to mention networking with other pups that will help you build and establish deep and sustaining friendships. It could be hard to find a good trainer for you, and you need to do this carefully and not just select anybody. It needs to be someone that can relate to you as a human as well, in order to get a good benefit of being trained to be a pup. You need to be able to respect your trainer and respect them as an expert. You give yourself to them and in turn, loved and cared for as a companion. Masters and Trainers also need to be trained in their roles, and there are numerous websites with information that can help you do that. As we go through and keep exploring human pup play we will be creating more content on this subject. Hope this post helps some of you that have had some of the misconceptions that are associated with Pup play. One that we touched more on this post was beastiality as I think its the biggest one out there. I could be wrong. What do you think?

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