zeus deluxe black silicone electrode pad
  • High quality electro stimulation and excellent conductive qualities

  • Lower resistance than most other electrode pads

  • Comes with an optional lead wire which can be used with any Zeus or most Rimba power boxes

  • Body safe silicone material

  • Disperses the electro stimulation with better results for more satisfying play

  • Want to engage in some seriously shocking behaviour? Get your hands on the Zeus Deluxe Black Silicone Electrode Pads!

  • Looking to turn up the power when it comes to electro sex? The Zeus Deluxe Black Silicone Electrode Pads are high quality electrostimulation pads with excellent electro conductive capabilities. Because they’re made with body safe silicone material, they have lower resistance than most electrode pads so less ‘juice’ is needed to obtain the same results. They disperse electricity with better results for improved electro sex pleasure and stimulation. You can use the pair of silicone adhesive pads on their own with any electro sex power box (with 2mm connections) or you can use the included lead wire with any Zeus or most Rimba Electrosex power boxes. The lead wire is a 2.5mm plug with two 2mm pin connections. They’re guaranteed to turn you on!

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