Dildos and Vibrators

Sex toys for men and woman always seems to start with a Dildo or Vibrator which are some what the same, however there are many various designs and over hundreds of various kinds. Which we will narrow it down to the main types so you can have a better understanding on what is a Dildo and Vibrator. 

Men and Woman can be very much pleased with such a sex toy that is just unbelievable. Also with the new technology that has been coming in has made some of these sex toys the best ever on the market. Did you know that there are Dildo Vibrators that can be controlled remotely? Or there are some that can be the largest penis size in the world? Keep reading as we describe the various kind of Dildos that are on the market today. 

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So there as you may know are various types and styles of dildos and vibrators. Were going to list them right here. 

Dildo - A dildo is a toy that is used to go into a woman's vagina, or a woman's and men anal region. The dildo can be in various shapes and sizes. It can also be doubled ended for some that want to enjoy it together. Lesbians for instance or gay men would enjoy a doubled ended dildo and maybe even some straight couples. 

Remote Control Dildo and Vibrators - Remote control dildos and vibrators make the greatest sex toy for couples who are in a long distance relationship. The ability when you have a WiFi connection to be able to control the toy from one state to another or a country to another country is just fantastic! It really takes long distance relationships to the next level. 

Strapons- Strap Ons are a one of the easiest forms of this sex toy to use. As its pretty self explanatory that one partner wears the strap on and uses it on the other partner. These are perfect for straight, trans, gay and lesbian couples. 

Vibrators - There are a large number of vibrators that are on the market today. Some that are remote controlled, and some that are simply battery operated, and that are used with just one person. The vibrator can be the best universal sex toy out there to meet everyone's pleasure requirements. 

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Remote Control Dildos
and Vibrators
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Strap Ons

We have various styles of these items so please make sure you view most of our pages. If your looking to purchase a dildo vibrator please click on the pictures above to be taken to their categories pages that will show you a larger selection of each style. 

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