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  • Ordinary bandages in bed and sex swings on the door have become the way of the past. Now what we need is more intimate and stimulating skin collision and physical cooperation to bring psychological stimulation.

  • If there is a new body adult sex swing to increase the passion of life, the adult sex swing sex toys will make couple both sides more active, and also can make both sides' feelings as sweet as before first love, what's more, it fits any body type perfectly and Increases the initiative of lovers.

  • Because the adult sex swing sex toy allows couple both sides to try a variety of postures, as a swing for men and women to cooperate, it can also test men's strength and muscles, which will increase the interest and joy of life between husband and wife and lovers.

  • [Multi-function Best Adults Sex Swing] - A combination of sex swing and doggy-style strap can achieve an amazing close contact between you and your partner. You can easily use the sex toys to prolong a couple's sex time as well as explore more actions and fun.

  • [Doggy-style Strap] - Size: (swing) length of shoulder straps 19.7"/50cm; shoulder pads 11.42"*2.95"/29*7.5cm; the adult sex swing provides extra support for your partner's neck. When used alone, it is able to offer assistance for standing or doggy-style positions, giving you more labor-saving sexual experience.

  • [Adjustable Size] - The back straps are adjustable for easy wearing, thick and soft shoulder pads effectively protect your skin, and two thigh pads provide support for your partner's thighs. This adult Sex Swing sex toy is suitable for most couples. It can hold up to 200lbs, soft but sturdy.

  • [Premium Material] - This Adult Bondage & Restraint Sex Swing is made of ABS and flocking cloth, featuring soft and comfortable performances for the protection of your skin.

  • [Easy to Use] - Wearing the Hanging Sex Swing is a perfect way to unlock more sex positions. As it swings with your movements, your deepest desires would be released.