utimi mens sex toy vacuum penis amplifie
  1. It is a high-quality and newly designed vacuum sex toy for male friends to help their penis' erection. It works via vacuum pumping to increase the penis’ pressure. As a result, the sponge cells will expand in the condition of the pressure of vacuum, thereby accelerating the blood circulation of the penis. By doing penis exercise with this product continuously, you will become a stronger man!
  2. Material: ABS&TPR&PVC

  3. Weight: 12.52 oz

  4. Diameters: (triple shrink-rings) 0.98 inch,1.18 inch and 1.38 inch respectively

  5. Package list: One suit of sex toy

  • Made of superior ABS, TPR, and PVC, safe and non-poisonous

  • Help penis'erection, make the penis thicker and longer

  • Exquisite workmanship, durable in use

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