utimi male ultra soft tpe glans training
  1. If you are looking for a penis vibrator, Utimi will satisfy your needs.
  2. 4 Powerful Love Eggs- Works with the glans sleeve, fully wraps and evenly vibrates every nerve, lowers the sensitivity of the penis and improves the endurance of withstanding stimulation for a harder erection and longer ejaculation.   

  3. Unique Combination- The ball bag is combined with a cock ring, which avoids falling off while enjoying the passionate experience.

  4. Considerate Designs- Narrowed glans opening and unique ball bag with 2 side openings fit your sizes tightly but comfortably.

  5. Stimulating Particles- Distributed in the inner of soft TPE glans sleeve that can be stretched freely to fit the most men's sizes, which offers you the realistic touch feeling and enhances the training effect.

  6. Long Control Wire- 23.6'' (60cm) in length, allows you to stimulate several parts synchronously. Besides, the USB charging performance is easy to operate.

  7. Does it work for you?

  8. Absolutely! Utimi glans training set is equipped with a cock ring, ball bag, glans sleeve and love egg set, which will help erect harder and prolong the time of ejaculation.

  9. Is it safe for you?

  10. Certainly! Utimi glans sleeve, which is made of ultra-soft and stretchy TPE, is surrounded by stimulating particles for providing you with the most realistic touch and the best training effect.

  11. Switch/ Frequency Button

  12. * Long press for about 2 to 3 seconds to turn the product on or off.

  13. * After startup, every short press the button to change a vibration frequency.

  14. Material: TPE+ABS

  15. Water resistance: 100% waterproof (glans sleeve) ; not waterproof (remote control)

  16. Charging time: about 2 hours

  17. Working time: about 1 hour

  18. Charging indicator: stays in red

  19. Fully charged indicator: red light extinguishes

  20. Vibration mode: 10 modes

  21. Size: (glans sleeve) 3*1.4*0.94"/7.7*3.5*2.4cm; inner diameter of side port 0.59"/1.5cm; inner diameter of glans opening 0.79"/2cm; (ball bag) 3.1*2.16*1.02"/7.9*5.5*2.6cm; inner diameter of cock ring 1.02"/2.6cm; (love egg) 1.5*0.55"/3.83*1.4cm; (remote control) 3.8*1.8"/9.7*4.6cm; length of control wire 23.6"/60cm

  22. Weight: 5.22oz/148g

  23. Color: as picture shown

  24. Package list: 1* glans sleeve; 1* ball bag; 1* love egg set; 1* water-based lube

  25. * The actual color may vary slightly from the online image due to monitor color settings.

  26. * Please allow slight measurement deviation for the data.

  27. * Recommended to use water-based lubes only.  

  28. * Silicone-based lubes will cause dissolution reaction.

  29. * The remote control is not waterproof, so please wipe the remote control only.