utimi 4 in 1 hollow urethral sounds sili
  1. Maybe you are an anal play or another sex lover. Maybe you are a urethral play lover, but your hard and thick urethral sound makes you feel annoyed and uncomfortable. This soft, flexible, hypoallergenic and body safe silicone penis plug will provide you the maximum comfort and safety.
  2. Without over-insertion and going too deep or far, a convenient and safe O ring will be your guide.

  3. Without satisfying your needs or various levels of pleasure? NO WORRY! This silicone penis plug is designed with 4 various sizes, which will offer you deep penetration and tingly bliss.

  4. Made of flexible, hypoallergenic and body safe silicone, assured by the maximum safety and comfort.

  5. Tapered bead for easier insertion and electrifying stretchy sensation, safe retrieval o ring prevent going too far and over-insertion.

  6. A unique hollow design enables the normal urethration and ejaculation for long-time wear.

  7. Various sizes for your choice, meeting your various needs and pleasure, offer your sensitive nerve endings with a satisfying and tingly feeling.

  8. Not to be thin, thick or hard, just right! Suitable for beginners who are urethral play lovers.

  9. Gender: male

  10. Type: urethral sound, penis plug

  11. Size: as picture show

  12. Color: black

  13. Package list: 4 pieces of the urethral sound

  14. * Please allow a slight measurement deviation for the data.

  15. * Apply some water-based lube to your penis and the urethral opening before insertion.

  16. * Please sanitize with alcohol before and after use.

  17. * We recommend that discontinue use immediately if discomfort occurs.

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