uberkinky mp5 polish gas mask.jpg
  • The UberKinky MP5 Polish Gas Mask will take their breath away… literally!

  • Designed for use by the armed forces of Poland, this authentic Polish Gas Mask is now intended for punishment rather than protection! The perfect addition to your sadistic scene, this brutal BDSM headgear is simply perfect for breath play, edge play and sensation play. Complete with a large, transparent visor, the MP5 Polish Gas Mask facilitates a clear view of whatever pleasure/punishment is in store for the wearer, while the included, removable filter ensures superior sensation play, as well as completing the look beautifully. With a remarkably restrictive feel, slaves are rendered helpless, vulnerable and at your mercy. How you choose to take advantage of this is entirely up to you!

  • Constructed from rubber, the UberKinky MP5 Polish Gas Mask is comfortable to wear for prolonged play sessions. The four head straps are fully adjustable for a completely customised fit and maximum gratification. This BDSM mask even comes complete with a handy storage bag!

  • Authentic Polish Gas Mask now intended for punishment not protection!

  • Perfect for brutal breath play & sadistic sensation play

  • Transparent visor facilitates a clear view of whatever punishment is coming their way

  • Comes complete with a removable filter & handy storage bag

  • Fully adjustable head straps for a customised fit