uberkinky ball crusher ball weight.jpg
  • Split collar ring for quick and easy use

  • Sadistic toy for cock and ball torture

  • Easy to use knob dials in the pressure

  • Crafted from top quality, solid stainless steel

  • Experience a tantalising tug combined with extreme pressure

  • Ever feel like you’ve got your nuts in a vice? Now you can enjoy that ball crushing sensation whenever you like with our UberKinky Ball Crusher Ball Weight!

  • Simply place your ball sack in the split ring collar and lock yourself in by tightening the hex screw. Just this weight alone gives your balls an erotic tug and keeps your balls feeling pendulous and tight. Don’t stop there, for some serious ball crushing, twist the dial at the top to lower the bar down on your poor abused balls. It’s up to you if you want just a bit of gentle pressure or if you want to crank up the crushing sensation. It’s the perfect ball crushing device for sadistic cock and ball torture.

  • Made from fine quality, durable stainless steel, this deviant device is non porous and phthalates free. It is easy to clan and will accompany you for a lifetime of ball crushing endeavours with minimal care. Now that should be a weight of your mind!