tickle your fancy fluffy black feather t
  • So cute! It's so adorable, she'll never know what a wicked little teasing tickler it will be. She'll want to be teased with it anyways. In fact, you'll find out that teasing is the secret to unlocking any submissive's inner slut.

  • Our Tickle Your Fancy Fluffy Black Feather Tickler offers light to intense "brushing / tickling" sensations that will wake up every nerve and make your sub beg for more, MORE - MORE!!!

  • Don't worry, if she gets a little loud, you can always stuff the ball handle in her mouth as a gag! ;) 

  • Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

  • Light brushes of this ultra soft and sexy little tickler will have your submissive straining in their tight bondage to feel more. (Well, it had better be tight when you tease her with this!) It's amazing what a little teasing will do to make your sweet little submissive an eager, begging slave slut!

  • Whether you love sensation play, unique toys, tickling or just enjoy some furry fun, our Tickle Your Fancy Fluffy Black Feather Tickler is just the toy you've been wanting for. 

  • This is perfect for beginners in bondage fantasy!

  • Total Length: 4"