the strict leather sleepsack.jpg

  2. For the ultimate bondage experience feast your eyes on the Strict Leather Bondage Sleep Sack. The sleepsack covers a person from their feet to their neck, leaving their head exposed for anything that may come across your imagination that you'd want to do to him. Thanks to the dual zipper on the front, you can leave his upper body or lower body exposed as well. When fitted just right, you can completely restrict movement. There is also a zipper in the back in case you want expose his naked ass for impact play or penetration. Inside of the sleepsack your partner will also find internal sleeves for a more comfortable and snug fit.

  3. Material: The sleepsack is made of high quality leather. It closes using a dual zipper and buckle tie system. The collar is fastened with snaps.

  4. Sizing: The sleepsack comes in the following sizes (with specs):

  5. Small: 15 inch Neck; 48 inch Chest & Arms; 48 inch Waist and Forearms; 44 inch Hips and Waist; 30 inch Thighs and Fingers; 15.5 inch Ankle and 54.75 inch from collar to base of feet.

  6. Large: 17 inch Neck; 52 inch Chest & Arms; 52 inch Waist and Forearms; 46 inch Hips and Waist; 40 inch Thighs and Fingers; 17.5 inch Ankle and 57.5 inches from collar to base of feet.

  7. X-Large: 18 inch Neck; 54 inch Chest & Arms; 54 inch Waist and Forearms; 47 inch Hips and Waist; 44 inch Thighs and Fingers; 18.5 inch Ankle and 61 inch from collar to base of feet.

  8. Note: The hood is sold separately. Adding one could enhance your bondage scene even further.