• Designed to hold just over 5000ml of liquid without leaking – Expands to contain your waste

  • Plastic backed nappy comprised from five absorbent layers

  • Blue moisture core to help quickly absorb urine and keep baby’s skin dry

  • Bright, bold colours with a comic book super hero theme

  • Very absorbent uni-sex diapers - thin enough to wear discreetly under clothing

  • Your adult baby will feel like they can take on the world and fight crime like their favourite super hero in these brightly coloured comic book themed adult baby diapers. Boom! Pow! Bam! Zap! Pop! These adult sized nappies for your favourite diaper lover, adult baby or little are bright blue with comic book themed starbursts throughout framed with an eye catching white on blue polka dot motif along the sides. Each Plastic backed diaper is made up of 5 absorbent layers. They are specially designed to hold just over 5000ml of liquid and can withstand a large amount of poo without leaking for more realistic ABDL roleplay. The Super Boompa is designed to expand quite a bit so you can rest assured that a day in this diaper will be free from leaks. Inside you’ll find a blue moisture core to help quickly absorb your baby’s wee as well as soft, elastic leg cuffs to prevent leaks and to provide a snug and comfortable fit. At the front of these bright and bold nappies you’ll find extra wide re-sealable tabs so you can easily check your adult baby for accidents. These uni-sex diapers are very absorbent yet thin enough to wear discreetly under clothing. Let your diaper fetish shine bright with the super absorbent Super Boompa Adult Baby Diapers.

Double D Dungeon LGBTQ Owned and Operated. 

Phone 563-265-1458

Email dddungeon1@gmail.com

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