style fetish raptor 2-0.jpg
  1. With the professional Raptor bench, Style Fetish has created furniture that brings hedonism to a boil, so that even the most inhibited give way to their impulses.

  2. This multifunctional bench can’t be beat in terms of possibility—it is the next step in the evolution of Style Fetish’s S-Style, Venom and Predator bench series.

  3. Due to its innovative construction in its modular system, this furniture offers almost limitless possibility for playing, even in small spaces. For example, the spread width of the knee and arm rests is flexible and infinitely adjustable thanks to its integrated adjustment mechanism. This guarantees both the practical and the exciting.

  4. The individual settings provide the sub with a convenient but restrictive position while also creating the ideal studio-suitable working platform for professionals.

  5. The Raptor can also be used in combination with an examination module to be transformed into a full-sized examination chair in no time.

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  7. NOTE: Wand and dildo are not included

  8. This bench offers you:

  9. An expandable base frame for ideal access

  10. Flexible height adjustment from 55-85cm, with the ability to adjust the angle

  11. 4 extendable legs with rubber wheels

  12. Sturdy, stable and durable steel construction

  13. Soft PU arm and leg padding for comfort

  14. A soft, height-adjustable support for the pelvis, which holds the ass and pelvis securely

  15. Simple assembly-the furniture can quickly be disassembled into 3 practical parts

  16. Tool-free operation thanks to quick-release fasteners

  17. Plenty of room for additional, specially made attachments

  18. Included with the Raptor 2.0:

  19. Base Frame

  20. Adjustable Neck Restraint

  21. Adjustable Wrist Restraint

  22. Adjustable Ankle Restraint

  23. Padded Face Cradle

  24. Wand Attachment

  25. Gag Attachment

  26. Ball Gag

  27. Rear Support Bar

  28. Forward Support Bar