style fetish hellcat phase II.jpg
  1. A compact spanking bench from StyleFetish offers you numerous advantages. Its well thought-out design and the functions it contains make this SM furniture a real all-rounder.

  2. Each trestle can be dismantled from this series and can be easily stowed away. It also offers numerous options. Multifunctional is the magic word that we are committed to in this goat. The trestle can be quickly transformed into a fully functional gynecological chair with additional accessories, such as the matching gynecological module. And with full functionality in the smallest of spaces.

  3. The Hellcat demountable trestle provides the perfect basis for this and can also be equipped with a wide range of accessories from soft to extreme. In addition to the function and design, we never neglected the spatial concept. Not only can the spanking stand be quickly dismantled, but also all additional elements, from the gyn chair module to the fucking machine, can be attached very quickly and easily and can be stored just as space-saving as the dismantled spanking post itself. 

  4. We have concentrated everything we can in this trestle system in order to be able to offer professional equipment to private users, which, however, can also be quickly disassembled to suit everyday needs. Let yourself be convinced by this trestle and look forward to a constantly growing range of accessories, especially for this trestle.

  5. Powder coating, matt black, fine structure RAL 9005

  6. Professional aircraft belt with quick release

  7. Extreme Head Restraint upgrade option:

  8. 1x neck iron, size adjustable from approx. 10-14 cm, angle adjustable

  9. Extreme Appendage upgrade option:

  10. Size-adjustable handcuffs with stainless steel insert, adjustment range approx. 5 - 7.5 cm

  11. Adjustable ankle cuffs with stainless steel insert, adjustment range approx. 6 - 9 cm

  12. Striker Mk II Fuck Machine upgrade option:

  13. Our Striker MKII is a high-quality fucking machine that is equipped with a powerful motor. Thanks to the excellent workmanship and the excellent material quality, the Striker MKII is ideally suited for use in the dominatrix studio. With the Striker MKII fucking machine you will give your BDSM piece of furniture an upgrade that offers your studio real added value. In the private sector, too, the fucking machine ensures lustful moments and consequent satisfaction.