style fetish hellcat phase II standard b
  1. The Hellcat is an innovative and stylish bench that redefines the terms multi-functionality and flexibility. Style Fetish has optimized the frame in order to maximize flexibility and make this bench adaptable to any situation.

  2. The bench’s striking appearance is not only due to its visual appeal, but its promise of almost unlimited opportunities for play and adjustability. Due to its overbuilt frame and adjustability, the Hellcat offers play for both the big and the small.

  3. The frame of the multifunctional Hellcat stands on four adjustable legs with rubber rollers so that the bench can be brought to the ideal height and angle.

  4. With additional expansion options, the Hellcat can be transformed into other fully-functioning devices, such as a gynecological chair. The best part is that many of the accessories that are already standard on the Hellcat can also be used with the expansion options, such as the ankle restraints or the fucking machine.

  5. The Hellcat features:

  6. All-in-one solution: many configurations can be made with the bench

  7. An easily expandable base frame for ideal access and exciting play

  8. Base adjusts to a height between 55-85cm

  9. A sturdy, stylish and durable steel construction

  10. Individually height-adjustable leg and armrests allow almost any position

  11. Soft PU arm and leg padding for comfort

  12. A soft, height-adjustable support for the pelvis, which holds the ass and pelvis securely

  13. Simple assembly, the furniture can quickly be disassembled into 3 practical parts

  14. Tool-free operation thanks to quick-release fasteners