style fetish ergonomic rim seat.jpg
  1. In addition to great comfort, the latest model from the facesitting category offers you the perfect basis for exciting moments when it comes to facesitting or toilet services. Here at StyleFetish we have once again optimized the existing one.

  2. Its compact design minimizes the space required for this facesitting stool. The seat can also be easily placed on other SM furniture, such as loungers or beds, in order to experience exciting facesitting sessions.

  3. 2 steel eyelets allow hands to be securely attached to the seat.

  4. The ergonomically shaped seat not only offers maximum comfort, but thanks to its concave seat, all "important" areas of the body are even closer to the face.

  5. The optionally available, plug-in backrest ensures a lot of comfort and can be easily removed when not in use, for example to sit comfortably the other way around on the seat. 

  6. Of course, the height of the seat can be adjusted, so it is up to the active part to decide how close you can get to it. The height of the seat can be easily adjusted from physical contact to the appropriate distance.

  7. 2 Clamping pads that can be inserted at the side, which are available as an option, enable the head to be fixed, as in a vice. The head is massively restricted in its freedom of movement and the subject can devote himself to his task, from leakage to toilet services.

  8. Warrion Latex Mask upgrade option:

  9. Who has never thought about how to fix the head securely and strictly on an SM piece of furniture.

  10. Our latest innovation brings you closer to this experience.

  11. The face mask can be fitted with a wide variety of adapters to a variety of our BDSM furniture, from the treatment chair to the slave chair to the treatment couch and our facesitting seats.

  12. And if you think a little further: Some of our slave toilets can also be equipped with this mask ....

  13. After inserting the head, the upper frame is folded down. The latex spreads evenly over the head and fixes it absolutely effectively. Due to the special geometrical arrangement of holes, pressure from the stretched latex insert is pleasantly distributed over the face and envelops the head. How strictly the head is to be fixed can be set freely with various locking levels, from soft to hard.

  14. The latex head fixation -Warrior- offers you:

  15. An exciting and intense head fixation, perfectly adapted to the head. The 

  16. special geometry of the holes gives this latex mask maximum stability, we only broke it by force. But should something go wrong, the latex insert in the removable frame can be easily replaced.

  17. An intelligent change system allows the latex insert to be easily removed from the base frame

  18. Easy exchange of different mask inserts.

  19. Various latex inserts are optionally available, ready to go in a comfortable removable frame. 

  20. Adjustable intensity levels, from soft to hard. 

  21. Easy to attach to a wide variety of furniture with a multifunctional holder. 

  22. Different adapter types for different furniture allow a quick change of the head mask from one piece of furniture to another.

  23. The universal holder can be attached to many of our SM furniture 

  24. Additional adapters, for example to be able to attach other head fixings from our range to the universal bracket, can be ordered optionally.

  25. The scope of delivery includes:

  26. Latex head fixation, consist of frame with universal mount 

  27. A latex insert in the removable frame, with cutouts for the mouth, nose and eyes.

  28. A universal holder to attach the mask to couches, gyn chairs etc., provided that they have an insert sleeve (this is the case with many pieces of furniture from our range)