studded pentagram bust harness.jpg
  • The fully-riveted, Studded Pentagram Harness is lightweight, comfortable, and has two adjustable shoulder straps plus two back straps. It's classic, studded details and clean lines make it a timeless, sexy piece during BDSM scenes and bondage play. The Studded Pentagram Harness can be worn in reverse as a back piece, or layered over everyday threads. Handmade in Los Angeles.

  • Ideal for…: BDSM, bondage play, BDSM fashion, everyday style, Dommes, Doms, submissives, slaves.

  • Product Details
    • Made of high-quality leather, nickel and steel
    • Sizing: XS/S - Bust: 29”-35”, Waist: 23”-27”, Hip: 31”-36”. M/L - Bust: 36”-39”, Waist: 28”-31”, Hip: 38”-41”
    • Handmade in Los Angeles