Stretch Fist Dildos

stretch fist - dildo 1.jpg
  • This Stretch Fist No.1 Dildo is a 38cm realistic red fist made of 100% premium silicone that will give every bottom a good fisting!

  • Stretch Fist No.1 is a hand with closed outstretched fingers that offers a soft tapered tip for easier entry.  

  • Insertable Length: 36cm, Hand Diameter: 8cm, Hand Circumference: 25cm, Weight: 1.22kg

stretch fist - dildo 3.jpg
  • This Stretch Fist No.3 Dildo is a 32cm realistic red fist made of 100% premium silicone featuring two hands together for an even greater challenge!

  • Stretch Fist No.3 features two full-sized hands placed palm to palm, making this the most challenging of the three!

  • Insertable Length: 30cm, Hand Diameter: 9cm, Hand Circumference: 28cm, Weight: 1.40kg

  • There are three STRETCH FISTS in total: Hand, Punch, and Pray!

  • All three are realistic life-size ergonomic fist dildos and made of 100% premium silicone.

  • Each feels silky smooth and all three have a strong suction base for hands-free fun!

  • It features defined nails, knuckles and veins, plus realistic forearm for a further incredible stretch.

  • The silicone is strong and flexible but with a unique firm-flex design.

  • It's odourless, non-toxic, and easy to clean, plus it's compatible with all lubes!

  • Practice makes perfect - feels just like the real thing!