steel ownership collar and flat clamps s
  • Erotic, sensual and most of all commanding, this Steel Ownership Collar and Flat Clamps Set demands the attention it deserves. The beautiful details of this round bar steel bondage collar will have your sub shivering with excitement!

  • It locks with a hex key includes the swiveling O-ring which serves not only as an attachment point for the adjustable nipple clamps but you can also get very creative with it, adding leashes and leads, cuff hardware and whatever else your heart desires!

  • What would you do with a steel bondage collar with a o-ring and nipple clamps? The possibilities are quite endless. Chain your lover to the bed and use the nipple clamps on them, adjusting them tighter with the thumb screw as they scream out in ecstasy and pain through their gag, quivering and moaning at your very touch.

  • You could also take your lover on a walk, their nipple clamp chains swishing and swaying with their leash in your hand... watching as the nipple clamps dangle from their naked breasts, forming an erotic and sensual shadow on the wall as she passes. Is it getting hot in here? Good thing she's naked, then!

  • The adjustable nipple clamps allow you to give feedback to your bondage slave as to what you like and what you don’t. Tempt, tease and erotically torture your lover with the adjustable nipple clamps. Go lighter to tease and please or go harder to train and punish. After all, isn’t it all about the tease and the training?

  • Our Steel Ownership Collar and Flat Clamps Set collar fits up to a 14” circumference neck. The nipple clamp chains are 13.75" long for maximum play!